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TLT-1 - 3.52 oz. (100 gram) Large Tube
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  Top Brite Polish
Ray - Old Bridge, NJ   (Friday, October 06, 2017)

My wife bought this at the Monmouth County Fair many years ago. It is amazing. I have a brass Baldwin Prestige Wesley door handle and lock set which had some tarnish after a few years out on the door. Top Brite polished it right up with minimal effort and it looks like new! Small spots in the corners or bevels required a little elbow grease and others on more open flat areas came off nearly effortlessly.

  Top Brite Polish
Natalie - Massachusetts   (Tuesday, March 13, 2012)

This stuff is unbelievable! I have been driving myself crazy trying to get my beautiful custom made stove clean and shiny again. Its a reproduction of the old fashioned type stove with the legs and multiple doors. The trim, apron, knobs and legs are all made of nickel. After several years of use it looked like there were water spots all over it and it had become very dull. I bought all kinds of special cleaners and polishes as well as following old time cleaning tips and homemade solutions. Nothing worked and I wasted hours of my life trying resolve the issue. The stove itself was clean but it didn't look like it because of all the dull and stained trim. Tonight a friend of mine showed up while I was once again trying to get the spots off. I told him how frustrated I was with it and he said he had some stuff at home that might work and he went home and got it for me to try. It was Top Brite Polish and it was Amazing!!! It took everything off, it got rid of all the spots and the stove is gleaming like its brand new. I can't believe the difference it made. I am so impressed that I decided to order some for myself and a new tube for him because he's not getting his back.

margaret - massachusetts   (Thursday, January 26, 2012)

I give this polish a 10. I have been using this stuff for the last 15 years and I had a tube and my mother and I just ran out of it. I am so glad I can get more because I did not know it still was around. I LOVE THIS STUFF !!!

Joe - MA   (Saturday, December 17, 2011)

This stuff is amazing. I have pretty much a full tube and ordering more just so i can clean more things up and not run out. Even better this stuff cleans up old glass amazingly

Roland - Rhode Island   (Monday, January 10, 2011)

I bought two tubes of your polish at the Bike expo this past weekend. I was impressed with how quickly it works. Let me tell you I am the butt end of many jokes with my friends because I am considered the polishing guru. I have tried sooo many products thru the years, Yours caught my attention. However I would recommend you put some sort of labeling about product content and safety (MSDS) Thanks

  Top Brite polish
Mark - North Carolina   (Thursday, March 25, 2010)

I picked up a tube of your polish at a gun show. The only down side to your product is that it works so great that all of my friends want to us it which makes my supply go away rather quickly. I have yet to find anything that this stuff does not work on. Keep up the good work. Hopefully, my friends will become customers of yours bypassing me so that mine doesnt disappear so fast... :)
BTW, this polish is a dream when it comes to shining up motorcycles allowing more time to ride instead of all day rubbing with 'the other stuff'.

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