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Topbrite Packaging – Message of 20 Nov.2019

Greetings Topbrite Customers ! Many of you use our Topbrite to give your cars that Show-Bright shine. For antiques, and other metal polishing, our product has withstood the test of time and competitors. Please be aware that packaging of Topbrite  in 100 gram quantity tubes will have the Duron “label” effective 20 November 2019. Production of the actual aluminum 100 gram tubes is unacceptable. By sending Topbrite to you packed from our “label” inventory, this will keep sales cost lower for you, our valuable customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 800-676-5474

2 thoughts on “Topbrite Packaging – Message of 20 Nov.2019

  1. Top Brite® metal polish is the best that we have ever used.

  2. Best I have ever used; Bought my first tube at the Danbury State fair…Hooked ever since.
    I still use and will continue to buy DON W.

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