Bedford, NH – Top Brite Metal Polish since 1970, this amazing polish and cleaner has been around for many years, but only available for professional use. It is a phenomenal product that is a unique combination of scientific technology and old-fashioned common sense. It not only cleans, polishes and preserves any metal surfaces, but removes marks on vinyl, linoleum, porcelain, fiberglass and plastics without harming the finish. Its uses are unlimited and we are pleased to be offering it to the public.

Touted by many as “the WD-40 of polish”, Top Brite Metal Polish cleans, polishes and preserves copper, brass, silver, nickel, pewter, and chrome safely and effectively, leaving a brilliant, shine and protective finish on all metals, including gold and silver jewelry. As a cleaner, it removes spots on vinyl, linoleum, fiberglass and plastics without harming the finish. As a preserver, it leaves a protective coating that repels dirt, dust and rust so surfaces remain cleaner longer. Top Brite Metal Polish is nontoxic, easy to use and costs less because it’s concentrated.